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BRC INTELLIGENCE is the newly launched brand by BRC Group, which applies advanced technologies such as AI, big data, cloud platform, IoT and informatization. This strategy aims to cultivate the Group's technological "genes" and achieve the smart transformation. Based on BRC business development, BRC INTELLIGENCE has developed an AIoT cloud platform of habitat and marketing. It has achieved improvement of full-process intelligence and digitalization in vertical fields of the real estate industry, such as smart housing, communities, business and marketing.

Case introduction: PaaS services and related SDK of Tuya Smart empower Jinghe products to better meet the customized needs of owners or service providers for SaaS applications in smart real estate industry.

Business story

In 2019, BRC INTELLIGENCE has initially built the self-developed AIoT platform of smart habitat. In order to realize the smart upgrade of real estate products and meet the increasing smart needs of the owners, BRC INTELLIGENCE will speed up the expansion of its IoT device pool, especially for large and small household appliances.

As BRC Group is expanding business overseas, BRC INTELLIGENCE is also preparing to enter international markets.

Why choose Tuya Smart

Tuya has the advantages of Powered by Tuya device ecosystem and product system, and takes up high market share in the international market. These ideally meet the demand of developers like BRC Group that has industry-leading technology platform and development capability with the hope of further improving them.

  • From connection to IoT PaaS to integration into SaaS applications, Tuya Cloud Development Platform can provide multi-directional capabilities of development and device connection.

  • The diversified Powered by Tuya products will expand the BRC product matrix. Both the factory-installed and aftermarket-installed products can meet the needs of smart home.


  • The PaaS service provided by Tuya Smart Platform consists of middle platforms covering big data algorithm, IoT base, technical support and SaaS. It will enable BRC self-developed AIoT platform of smart habitat to expand App expansion.


  • BRC INTELLIGENCE can call the API from Tuya Cloud Development Platform and automatically create account for users, which builds the connection between the account system of these two platforms. Therefore, the full-scale connection among management systems, SaaS applications, Mini Program, and Apps can be achieved. Without registering a specified Tuya Smart account, users can connect a variety of Powered by Tuya devices. For more details, refer to relevant documents in Cloud Development Platform.

  • After being integrated into the Tuya App SDK, BRC INTELLIGENCE system can configure network and manage all Powered by Tuya products, including the IoT devices developed by BRC. Therefore, Tuya device connection scheme acts as the standard of BRC IoT device connection.

  • Open source hardware of Tuya gateway. OEM solution realizes one-click OEM for gateway products without tailor-made development. Meanwhile, Tuya Smart also provides gateway SDK, which empowers BRC Group to expand application development on its own.


Tuya Smart has signed an in-depth cooperation agreement with BRC Group and jointly established the "BRC & Tuya Smart – IoT Innovation Lab" to achieve strategic complements in development and operation in the AIoT industry.

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