The docking scheme of Tuya Smart module SDK helps Hysiry with product intelligence growth
Shenzhen Hysiry Technology Co., Ltd

Hysiry was established in Shenzhen of China in 2016, focusing on the R&D, design, production, and sales of smart lighting and smart electrical products, providing ODM and OEM services. At present, Hysiry has a sophisticated smart lighting product line, product series radiation switch lighting, sensor lighting, scene lighting. It mainly focuses on the light experience of smart lighting, the ease of use of products and the interconnection between products to guarantee the user experience of end users.

The long-distance bluetooth mesh products and the “Smart Lighting Products Never Disconnected” mixbutton series products of Hysiry are very popular and have been well received by the customers. Hysiry products support Wi-Fi, BLE-MESH, dual-mode (Wi-Fi + Bluetooth) and other protocols. Revenue has maintained rapid growth for two consecutive years, and has now received A round of financing from well-known investment institutions.

Hysiry has cooperated with major brands and distributors in the long run in America, Europe, Asia (especially Japan), and other countries and regions. The products are sold in Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Costco, Carrefour, and other large supermarkets.

Business story

In 2017, the Amazon smart speaker Echo renounced the world splendidly in North America. The demand for smart lighting and smart electrical products to access the Echo increases rapidly. However, most cloud platform companies didn't prepare for the consumer demands. Hysiry contact with Tuya Smart for a solution, amazingly, the Hysiry product and Echo were connected within 2 hours.

During the product test, the cooperation between Hysiry and Tuya Smart was very smooth. The persistent problem that devices often disconnected from the cloud platforms was also solved. Thereafter, Hysiry and Tuya Smart maintained a long-term cooperative relationship.

Why choose Tuya

  • Hysiry needs an SDK with enough APIs, complete functions, and stable operation, which can connect the device to the App and the cloud and be quickly developed.

  • Stable and secure cloud service to guarantee that the devices will not be offline, and meet information security standards and industry requirements both domestically and internationally.

  • Efficient production, data operation and after-sales problem handling system.

  • Tuya has reached a global deep partnership with voice service platforms such as Amazon and Google to guarantee the ability to access and update third-party voice services as soon as possible.

  • The Tuya Smart service are distributedly deployed in the clusters from famous cloud vendors , such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Tencent Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud, which can ensure the reliability and resilience of services at more than 99.99%. What's more, the service clusters and acceleration nodes are located in multiple regions around the world, which has obtained safety compliance certifications such as ISO, GDPR, TRUSTe, etc., to ensure that the products meet the market regulations around the globe.


  • The Tuya Smart module SDK encapsulates the interaction APIs among the device, the App, and Tuya Cloud platform. Developers only need to call the relevant API to complete the development of the embedded application software and allow the smart device to access to.

  • The Tuya Smart Module SDK is connected with the Tuya Smart Production System. All production-related data is recorded in the Tuya Smart cloud platform, which can be traced back for inquiry and can be fast locate the production information of the equipment, which is convenient for factory management and confirmation of production-related information.

  • Tuya operation platform can monitor the regional distribution of equipment, analyze equipment operating conditions, analyze activated / active equipment statistics and app usage, and provide real-time fault feedback to achieve refined operations.

  • Tuya Smart provides 7*24 online after-sales support, most customer feedbacks can be answered within 1 hour. If device abnormality data and log monitoring functions in the background of Tuya, which can quickly locate the cause of device problems.


At present, smart lighting and smart electrical products of Hysiry are released to mainstream offline channels and Amazon's online platform, and user feedback is better.


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