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Tuya Smart MCU SDK helps Donlim Group achieve product intelligence
Donlim Group
Guangdong Donlim Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd

Guangdong Donlim Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd. (referred to as Xinbao Co., Ltd.) was established in Foshan of China in 1995 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2014 under the stock code 002705.

Dolim is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise focusing on the development, design, manufacture, and sale of kitchen appliances, home care appliances, baby appliances, health and beauty appliances, smart appliances and electrical accessories.

Donlim Co., Ltd. has now become a leader in the export of small household appliances, and the top ten categories of small household appliances have ranked first in total exports for 10 consecutive years.

Business story

At the Canton Fair in 2018, Donlim contacted Tuya Smart and had a small talk. That was a start. With the increasing demand for smart products from the market, Donlim began to learn more about Tuya Smart. At the end of 2018, Donlim started preliminary cooperation with Tuya Smart.

Why choose Tuya

Existing products can quickly complete intelligent transformation without making huge changes.




Donlim only needs to embed the Tuya module into the existing circuit to complete the hardware development.


  • The MCU SDK provided by Tuya Smart has packaged the API for data reporting and delivery. By calling the API in the programming code, Donlim can complete the MCU hardware serial port and send or receive data processing code.

  • Tuya Smart provides a module debugging assistant, which can not merely simulate the module to verify the MCU code logic, but also conveniently simulate the MCU debugging and network configuration process, greatly speeding up product development.


A number of smart coffee machines, bread makers, humidifiers, kettles, and slow cookers have been intelligently transformed. After the products are launched, they are very popular and competitive in the market, and the related consumer feedbacks are much better than other brands.

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