Platform Introduction

Tuya IoT Develop provides full-link smart product services , enabling enterprises to transform intelligent manufacturing, intelligent business, and intelligent services. Here, you can quickly access or create smart products, complete hardware selection and commission, create exclusive apps, cloud configuration, and complete trial production.

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Access in Zero-threshold

Unique development-Free product docking process, without development, you can complete the design and hardware selection of multiple categories of products, cloud connectivity, and quickly achieve mass production.

Flexible Solutions

For different types of developers, we provide multiple development and docking methods: multiple communication protocol module docking, SDK + cloud authorization docking, cloud API docking, etc.

High Compatibility with Platforms

Hardware develop, Panel Design, App develop, Alexa and other three-way voice control access, cloud-to-cloud docking, testing, certification, trial production, mass production, there are low-threshold or high-level custom solutions to choose.

Five Steps to Quickly Start Product Intelligence

Function Definition

From the standard function library, select the required function, or customize the function model. You can also choose from platforms that already support dozens of mature SoC development-Free solutions. Without any development steps, quickly complete the intelligentization of the device.

SoC Development-Free Solution
Select and Design Panel

You can choose the mature public version of the device control panel for your device, you can also customize the development, and experience your device control panel online for the first time.

Panel SDK Development
Hardware Commission

In addition to the SoC development-free solution, you can choose mainstream module + MCU or module SDK development. Either way, you can get reliable, mass-produced models, firmware, MCU SDKs, and various embedded development aids here.

MCU SDK Integration
Cloud Configuration

Multilingual management, firmware updates, network configuration guide, scenario association, and quick toggles, until access all major smart speakers around the world, we provide more than you want.

Connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Other Smart Speakers
Arrange Production

Provide automated test solutions to help developers complete software and hardware test verification. Support the procurement of mass production modules. After mass production, product upgrades can be easily achieved through online OTA capabilities.

Certification Service

Fast and Low-cost Meet Product Intelligence

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