Product Introduction

Quickly Build
Tuya OEM app service enables you to quickly have a self-branded app. You do not need to set up a technical team or seek an outsourcing vendor, but only need to log in to Tuya smart Developer Platform and configure data online.
Low Cost Service
The price is far lower than the standard service price in the market. You do not need to worry about the uncontrollable development expense. With just one-off payment, you can obtain the entire OEM App service including app configuration and launch.
Flexible and Customizable
Tuya OEM app service provides powerful functions for flexible configuration. You can customize the brand attributes such as app functions, logos, and background colors, and can construct smart scenes for association.
One-Stop Service
Tuya OEM app service provides a full process from app creation, to function configuration, and finally to app launch in app stores, offering an ultimate experience.

OEM App Process

Creating App

· Create an App

· Configure the Name of App

· Configure the Package Name

Configuring App Functions

· Personalized Function Configuration:Configure inormation such as the logo welcome page,and color tone

· Basic Funcition Configuration: Configure information such as the icons,background images,map,and pricacy policy

· More Configuration:Configure multiple languages or support for third-party services

Build App

· Apply to construct the App after configuration

· After successful construction, you can scan the QR code to download your App and test it

Value added Services

App Launch

Provides a fully hosted App launch service, which customizes the launch content for you and helps you reduce the App launch time, seize market share, and win customers

OEM App Upgrade

Offers one-stop OEM App version planning, iterative technology development, and maintenance services. You can perform simple operations on the Tuya Smart platform to upgrade your App and keep it competitive


The Siri Access service associates your OEM App with Siri, so that users can implement intelligent scenarios pre-configured on the App through Siri

App Mall

Integrates powerful mall functions into your app and allows you to customize multiple functions, helping you monetize mobile traffic in your in-app mall

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