This topic describes the features a micro application supports.


The micro application is broken down into two types:

  • For desktop: Refers to the desktop micro applications that are integrated using the micro frontend. There are no limitations on the frontend frameworks. It is recommended to use React in tandem with Galaxy library or ANT Design library to implement the complete features.
  • For mobile (coming soon): Refers to the H5 apps or mini apps that are built and integrated into an industry app for mobile devices.


The SaaS Development Framework provides the following infrastructures for any type of micro application.

  • The complete process and tools used to create, develop, manage, publish, and deploy micro applications.
  • SaaS No-Code Platform used to add and configure micro applications for a SaaS.
  • The environment to load and run desktop and mobile micro applications as well as generic capabilities of micro applications.


The generic capabilities to run micro applications:

  • API gateway: Used to make OpenAPI or CustomAPI calls.
  • User authentication: Unified user login, staying logged in, and identity authentication.
  • Access control: Permission-based interface rendering enabled by the role-based permissions validation for micro applications.
  • Basic capabilities: A range of basic SaaS capabilities, including theme color, multilingual UI, and unified breadcrumb navigation.
  • Navigation: Optimized path to go from one micro application to another.