SaaS Development Framework is built and extended on top of Qiankun, an implementation of micro frontends. The micro application development follows the requirements specified by Qiankun. SaaS Development Framework offers a complete, standard, and easy-to-use development process for micro applications.


  • Independent of the main application, micro applications can be developed independently, delivering a basically consistent development experience with SPA UI.
  • Command-line tool: Used to create, build, and publish micro applications and debug locally.
  • Mock APIs
  • Permission simulation
  • Multilingual UI
  • Theme color
  • MQTT
  • Galaxy library

Principle to split monolithic application

  • Develop relatively independent features into individual micro applications.
    • Reduce development and maintenance costs.
    • Improve usability.
  • Reduce dependency between micro applications.
    • Maximize reusability of micro applications.