Main Application

The main application is a framework in a system, which contains almost no UI code for feature-specific web pages. It acts as a base to run micro applications, used to configure and register micro applications.

Micro Application

The micro application approach allows you to split a SaaS application into small, independent applications. Each micro application is an abstraction of a feature and contains the complete feature description from client-side to server-side for the micro frontend and APIs. For example, a SaaS application provides user management and asset management. These two features are designed into two individual micro applications to implement user-related or asset-related use cases. For more information, see What is Micro Application.

Miro Frontend

Micro frontend refers to techniques, strategies, and recipes for building a modern web app with multiple teams that can ship features independently.

The micro frontend extends the concept of microservices on the backend to the frontend layer, breaking down the frontend monolith into smaller, defined, and independent web applications that can be written in multiple frameworks and are easy to manage.

SDF Gateway

The SDF gateway provides the runtime environment: page rendering, session management, OpenAPI and CustomAPI routing, cache, and CSRF preventive techniques.

App Key and Secret Key

App Key and Secret Key are the credentials that a micro application developer uses to publish a micro application and get the SaaS configuration information. A Tuya IoT Development Platform account identifies one micro application developer.

OpenAPI and CustomAPI

OpenAPI refers to APIs provided by Tuya. CustomAPI refers to APIs of the service that developers deploy by themselves. When accessing a micro application, the SDF gateway determines the domain name of the requested service based on the API type so that it can make a request to the correct API.

Fully Managed and Partially Managed

  • Fully managed: All features of a SaaS application are managed by the Tuya IoT Development Platform. This hosting type does not support integrating custom micro applications into a SaaS application. If the standard offering can meet your needs or no-code development is your choice, you can choose the fully managed service.

  • Partially managed: The micro applications provided by Tuya are managed by the Tuya IoT Development Platform. Your custom micro applications are deployed on your server. This hosting type applies to custom development and flexible extension.

Cloud Project

A cloud project is created with Cloud Development on the Tuya IoT Development Platform. Backed by the cloud APIs, supporting services, and the Tuya ecosystem, you can build industry-specific solutions and use a cloud project to access the API and messages. For more information, see Cloud Development.


A command-line interface for publishing a micro application. You can use sdf pubish to publish to the micro application management platform.