Tuya SaaS No-Code Platform is a platform where you can easily build SaaS applications. Thanks to visualized selection and personalized configuration, you can develop a SaaS application within 15 minutes at the earliest. In the past, it might take several months to complete the development process. You can develop or assemble a SaaS application effortlessly and efficiently.

Core features

Manage SaaS applications

On the SaaS No-Code Platform, you can quickly build SaaS applications. You can create SaaS applications, select SaaS features (micro applications), and also configure SaaS domain names, menu styles, theme colors, and other personalized content.

Use SaaS platform

Manage micro applications

On the SaaS No-Code Platform, you can manage the content and version of micro applications.

SaaS platform

Use cases

On the SaaS No-Code Platform, you can build various types of applications for specific scenarios. The following shows several examples.

Smart lighting SaaS

Set up smart lighting in parking lots.

Smart lighting

Building environment management system

Create all-around environmental monitoring and management systems for commercial buildings (such as offices and hotels), medical spaces, home spaces, engineering spaces, and more indoor spaces.

Building environment management system

Circuit breaker management system

Centrally manage circuit breakers in bulk located at places such as transformer rooms and buildings, supercharged by energy measurement, remote management, and troubleshooting.

Circuit breaker management system

Integrate with IoT PaaS platform capabilities

Based on Tuya IoT PaaS services, you can quickly build SaaS solutions, expand customers and implement their requirements faster, and dive into the huge market of IoT software applications.