After a SaaS application is created, you can configure the SaaS information.

Configure OEM information

  1. Choose My SaaS from the left navigation pane and click Configure in the Operation column.

  2. On the page of OEM Info, you can enter the SaaS domain name and page title, upload the organization logo, favicon, login page background image, and compliance content.

    OEM info

Configure basic services

  1. On the page of Basic Services > Message Center, you can configure whether to receive various types of messages, such as platform messages and user management messages, through the SaaS message center, app push notification, email, SMS, and phone.

    Message center

  2. On the page of Basic Services > Mobile, you can choose whether the SaaS application supports mobile apps.


Configure SaaS features

  1. On the page of Basic Services > SaaS Features, click Select Functional Components.

    SaaS features

  2. You can select common micro applications and those private ones developed by yourself, including desktop, mobile H5, and smart mini program.

    Functional components

  3. After a micro application is added, the running SaaS will display the added micro application.

Configure SaaS menu

After selecting a micro application, you can configure the SaaS menu style, including the desktop main menu, desktop submenu, and mobile features.

Desktop main menu

The desktop main menu is divided into an ungrouped style menu and a grouped style menu.

Ungrouped style

  • All micro applications will be tiled. This style applies when a few micro applications are managed.
  • You can sort the menu, edit the menu name in Chinese and English, and also change the icon.

Ungrouped style

Grouped style

  • The micro applications will be displayed by groups. This style applies when a large number of micro applications is managed.
  • You can sort the menu, edit the group and menu name, and also change the icon.

Grouped style

Desktop submenu

You can configure the top menu content and choose from five styles, namely icon, text, icon + text, text drop-down box, and icon + text drop-down box.

Desktop submenu

Mobile features

This function requires the use of the Smart Industry app v1.8.0 or later, and select the homepage layout. You can customize the grouping and order of micro applications on the mobile app.

Ungrouped style: SaaS no-code

Grouped style: SaaS no-code

Modify custom colors of menus

You can customize the colors of the desktop main menu and header.

Custom colors

Configure tenants and admins

Single tenant mode

In the single tenant mode, add administrators through mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

  1. On the page of Tenants and Admins, click Add Administrator.

    Tenants and admins

  2. Add an administrator through a mobile phone number or an email address, and click OK.

    Add administrator

Multi-tenant mode

In the multi-tenant mode, multiple tenants can be added. A tenant administrator can be created for each tenant. The tenant administrator is granted all permissions on the SaaS.

Add tenant

  1. On the page of Tenants and Admins, click Add Tenant.

    Add tenant

  2. Enter Organization Name and Organization ID/Organization Alias, and click OK.


Tenant self-service sign up

When the Tenant Self-Service Sign Up switch is turned on, tenants can be signed up in the running SaaS.

Sign up
  1. Open a running SaaS and click the Tenant register button.

    Sign up a tenant

  2. Enter the information to sign up the tenant.

    Enter information

    A single-tenant SaaS application and a multi-tenant SaaS application cannot be converted to the other type. :::

Configure third-party login

Log in to the SaaS application with a third-party account. Enter the key and secret, and click Save.

Third-party login

Configure theme

Set the theme to the light mode, dark mode, or light/dark toggle. Moreover, you can select a theme color and set custom colors for menus.