Currently, you can create a SaaS application on the SaaS No-Code Platform or copy an existing one.

Method 1: Create a SaaS application

  1. Go to SaaS No-Code Platform. Currently, the no-code platform is being tested and accessible only when you are included in the allowlist. You can request to join the allowlist.

  2. Click Create SaaS.

    SaaS platform

  3. Configure the information.


    1. Enter the SaaS name.
    2. Link the SaaS application with a cloud development project.
      • Create a cloud project on the Cloud Development Platform in advance.
      • Alternatively, you can link an existing cloud project or create a cloud project automatically when you create a SaaS.
    3. Select a management mode.
      • Fully managed: All the code of micro applications is hosted on Tuya's platform. A SaaS application completely uses the official functional components provided by Tuya, freeing you from additional functional development.
      • Partially managed: You customize SaaS features as required. Part of the code needs to be hosted on your own server.
    4. Select the tenant mode.
      • Single tenant: This SaaS serves a single business customer.
      • Multiple tenants: This SaaS serves multiple business customers. Each business customer has an independent, isolated user system, role permission settings, and asset data.

Method 2: Copy a SaaS application

  1. Consult Tuya project manager and get a URL to copy the desired SaaS application.

  2. Click the URL to view the SaaS features and copy the SaaS application.

    SaaS platform

  3. Enter the information about the SaaS.

    Use SaaS platform