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Generate Project QR Code

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The Smart Industry app can be used to scan a project QR code that appears in a project created at Tuya IoT Development Platform > Cloud Development. This allows authorized users to log in to the app and view accessible assets. This topic describes how to generate the project QR code.


  1. At least one project is created in Cloud Development.
  2. At least one asset is added to the project.
  3. At least one user is granted access to the asset.
  4. The Smart Industry app is installed on the user’s mobile phone.


  1. Go to Cloud Development.
  2. On the My Cloud Projects page, click the project to be managed. The Overview tab appears by default.
    Generate Project QR Code
  3. Click the Assets tab, select the asset to be managed, click the Devices tab, place the pointer over Add Device, and then select Add Devices with Smart Industry App. Then, the project QR code appears.
    Generate Project QR Code

Next step

  1. The user opens the Smart Industry app and taps the scan field to scan the preceding project QR code.

  2. On the login page, the user enters the authorized username and password that are mentioned in the Prerequisites section and logs in to the app.

    Generate Project QR Code

    The entered username must have been granted access to the specified asset in Cloud Development. Otherwise, the system will indicate that the username or password is incorrect. For more information, see Authorize a user.

  3. The user can use the app to add one or more devices and run other tasks.