Console Navigation Pane Update

Last Updated on : 2024-02-19 03:03:54download

In order to enable you to access the IoT platform more quickly, we have just released the new version of the IoT navigation. Let’s see the highlights of the upgrade following. Please visit Tuya IoT Platform for more functions.

New features of the navigation pane

Major updates

  • Support switching products, apps, and projects in specific functions such as Product, App, and Cloud.
  • The device management under the Operation is moved to the Product.
  • Space displays Enterprise information, Authorization, Cost, Contract, Coupon, Payment, Subscription.
  • Account displays Account, Download Tuya App, Time Zone.
  • Language switching moves to the upper right.
  • New site map, you can quickly enter, Tuya expo, Tuya Go, Developer.

Clearer menu

Product, App, Cloud, Data, and Operations on the left include the five core capability modules of the IoT platform. The sub-menu preview is visually displayed under the five major modules, which makes it easier for you to directly access the required functions with one key. Some product development capabilities are newly upgraded, you can enter the corresponding function to understand without having to recreate the product every time.

Console Navigation Pane Update

Integrated trading business sectors

The navigation area for Value-added Services and Purchase is unified, making it easier for procurement staff to query and place orders.

Console Navigation Pane Update

Integrated content in the space

Aggregate enterprise information under the space, and add many subdivision function entries. Move the mouse to the space position to view, and click to directly enter the operation-specific function.

Console Navigation Pane Update

Enriched user center

Display account information, and support downloading the Tuya app and setting the time zone. Move the mouse to the position of the avatar (the corporate customer logo will be displayed after the enterprise certification) to view it, and click to directly enter the specific operation function.

Console Navigation Pane Update