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Tuya Smart Platform helps customers quickly upgrade their products and help them complete the smart product infrastructure in one stop. The full-link value-added services and data operation center help customers to create smart products with global competitiveness.

By the end of December 2021, Tuya IoT Development Platform has accumulated over 510,000 registered developers from over 200 countries and regions. covering 100,000 online and offline sales channels around the world.

Tuya IoT Development Platform

Device Intelligentize in 5 Minutes

The Tuya Smart platform allows you to use Tuya modules to connect hardware devices to Tuya Cloud quickly, simplifying and accelerating smart core hardware R&D.

  • 1000+ smart product development solutions
  • Modules are compatible with mainstream communication protocols such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and NB-IoT
  • Various access methods
  • Apps available without coding
  • Advanced features to promote product delivery

Smart Product Development Solutions

The Tuya Smart platform offers a transparent and controllable smart hardware development platform and backend operations console for you to manage and control the full development process online, even if you have no smart hardware development experience.

Plug-and-play solution

Hundreds of plug-and-play solutions that cover common function points (DPs) of different product categories, including electrical engineering, lighting, and security and protection (sensors), are available on the platform. To develop a smart product, you only need to configure product information, select an app UI template, and commission the hardware.

Custom solution

If a plug-and-play solution cannot meet your development and configuration requirements, select a custom solution. The platform provides the MCU and embedded SDK cloud connection modes and various development toolkits to facilitate development.

App Service

The Tuya Smart platform offers one-stop App services.

TuyaSmart or Smart Life

  • App development without coding and direct use
  • Standard app console
  • Device analysis and standard user analysis charts
  • Various app UI templates

OEM app

  • One-stop brand OEM app building and management
  • Personalized brand information configuration
  • App version and data management
  • Extensive app services
    • App Launch
    • OEM App Upgrade
    • Widget Access
    • App Mall
    • Siri Access

Data & Operations

Data: all-around data-driven

The data center provides device, sales, and app use data, which helps you improve product competitiveness and app user experience.

  • Activated and active device statistics
    Trace delivered devices and understand product status on time.
  • OEM app analysis
    Trace app user behavior and refine user operations.
  • Area-specific statistics summary
    Summarize regional sales features to formulate precise marketing policies.
  • Multidimensional analysis
    View the marketing trends and master status of specific items.

Operations Center: refined operations

Real-time communication with target users and 24-hour online device support help you establish a seamless connection with users. Smart after-sales services help improve user satisfaction and product competitiveness.

Value-added Services

The Tuya Smart platform offers value-added services that help build differentiated product competitiveness.

Click here to learn more about Value-added Services.