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Production Test Solution Overview

Last Updated on : 2022-03-02 08:36:00download

Tuya production test system overview

The main function of Tuya’s production system is to pay attention to process defects in the mass production process, improve the process and ensure the quality of products shipped to the market.

The composition of Tuya production system

The Tuya production system consists of a client production test program, Tuya PMS, test fixtures, test instruments and some necessary control equipment.
Client production test program: Tuya module burning authorization platform, Tuya solution test platform, production test SDK, etc.

What are the main contents of Tuya production test?

  • Firmware Download
    Firmware download is divided into offline and online download modes.
    In offline download mode, the flash chip has not been soldered to the PCB. During the download process, the data is directly written into the flash by the PC through the interface on the burner.
    In online download mode, the flash chip has been soldered to the PCB, and the download process can only be carried out after the module is powered on. Data is written to flash via USB/serial port.

  • RF calibration and testing
    Calibrate or test the radio frequency index of the product through special test equipment or self-made test equipment. Currently supported instruments include Extreme Conference, IQ, etc.

  • function test
    Test the product’s firmware version, wifi signal strength, GPIO, voltage and other parameters

  • Authorization
    Connect to Tuya PMS to obtain the authorization key and automatically complete the authorization of the product.

  • Second Inspection
    Perform a second inspection on the product to prevent problems such as missed testing or barcode cross errors.

  • Package
    Scan the serial number of the product, check the product information, intercept products that do not meet the requirements of the production process route, perform packaging tests on qualified products, and automatically upload the packaging data to Tuya PMS.