Connect Gateways to Third-Party Systems

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This topic describes how to connect a Tuya-enabled gateway to third-party applications using APIs. Third-party applications can then control the sub-devices connected to the gateway and get their status.


After a third-party application is authorized to connect to a Tuya-enabled gateway over a LAN, it can get the list of sub-devices and control sub-devices using Tuya’s open APIs. These APIs are based on the WebSocket communication protocol, enabling you to access gateway functionality across different programming languages and platforms.


  • Local control: Once the gateway gets connected to the internet and adds the sub-devices, users can control these sub-devices even without internet access.
  • Hardware ecosystem: You can leverage Tuya’s robust sub-device ecosystem to integrate and manage various devices.
  • Plug and play: The ready-made Tuya-enabled gateways save you from reinventing the wheel, allowing for a quicker time to market.
  • Safety and privacy: The LAN communication between the gateway and third-party applications is secured by TLS. Only authorized third-party applications can access gateway functions to protect user privacy.
  • Cross-ecosystem support: Integrate with third-party IoT ecosystems for interconnection between Tuya-enabled devices and third-party devices.
  • Multi-scene support: You can customize the control logic for sub-devices to cater to various use cases.


Connect Gateways to Third-Party Systems