Gateway Connectivity Development Overview

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Tuya’s gateway connectivity development solution can help you enable interoperability between devices across different brands and protocols, allowing for the creation of innovative applications in the smart home and IoT industries.


Gateway connectivity development is intended to enable seamless communication between Tuya-enabled gateways and third-party Matter and Zigbee sub-devices, as well as Tuya-enabled Zigbee and Bluetooth sub-devices. A Tuya-enabled gateway can act as a hub to connect to third-party gateways and clouds and on-premises servers, as shown in the following figure.

Gateway Connectivity Development Overview


There are two types of gateway connectivity development: connect sub-devices to gateways and connect gateways to third-party systems.

Connect sub-devices to gateways

Connect sub-devices to Tuya-enabled gateways and therefore to the Tuya IoT Development Platform. This enables access to Tuya’s all-around cloud features, gateway-based local automation, and extensive device ecosystem.

Connect gateways to third-party systems

This enables third-party systems to connect to extensive Tuya-enabled sub-devices.