Product Categories

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A gateway can use the Standard Instruction Set for cloud development to integrate with the device control feature for third-party applications. Different from the function definition of a product on the Tuya IoT Development Platform, the standard instruction set is classified by category. The control commands supported by a product are subsets of its category’s standard instruction set.

Product categories

Category code Description
cjkg Scene switch
ckqdkg Hotel key card switch
cl Window covers
clkg Curtain switch
co2bj CO2 sensor
cobj CO sensor
cz Socket
dc String lights
dd Strip lights
dj Light source
dlq Circuit breaker
dr Electric blanket
fwd Ambiance light
gyd Motion sensor light
hps Human presence sensor
kg Switch
mcs Contact sensor
pir PIR sensor
pm2.5 PM2.5 sensor
rqbj Gas detector
sgbj Siren alarm
sj Water leak detector
sos Emergency button
tgkg Dimmer switch
tgq Dimmer
wsdcg Temperature and humidity sensor
xdd Ceiling light
ywbj Smoke detector
zd Vibration sensor

Things to note

  • Device control is implemented using the standard instruction set and does not support complex functions, such as the raw-type DP defined on the Tuya IoT Development Platform.
  • See Standard Instruction Set for details.
  • The adapted instruction set can be applied to different products in the category.

Support and help

If you have any problems with TuyaOS development, you can post your questions in the Tuya Developer Forum.