Tuya Cube 2.0

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Tuya Cube provides diversified service capabilities that cover the full lifecycle of your private cloud business, including device connection, device management, smart scenes, mobile app development, management background development, product testing, operation management, and data analytics. It offers you software and hardware development SDKs and a well-established OpenAPI system.


Tuya Cube is designed to concurrently process more than 100 million device connections and over 10 million user requests and guarantee over 99.9% availability. The initial overall architecture allows for functional scalability and continuous upgrades of modular development and deployment on your terms in different business stages.

Tuya Cube is deployed in a completely private and modular mode. The data sovereignty belongs to you. That is to say, your data and content on the Tuya Cube are autonomous and controllable by you.

Tuya Cube v2.0

This chapter is applicable if you have purchased Tuya Cube v2.0. For more information about specific version advantages and differences, contact Tuya’s account manager.