Smart Hardware Development Never So Easy Before
Any hardware products can become smart on the IoT Platform through no-code development and IoTOS development. Hundreds of proven solutions substantially reduce development costs.
Connect Devices to Tuya IoT Platform
Define Product Features
Create a product and define data points in the IoT Platform.
Select Network Module
Adapt to diversified scenarios with multiple communication protocols and specs.
Tuya IoTOS
Compatible with various terminals, open SDKs boost embedded development on Tuya IoTOS.
Build a Terrific IoT App with Ease
Develop your branded app based on IoT App SDK incorporating with App UI BizBundle and Panel SDK to greatly reduce development investment and develop an IoT app with a terrific user experience.
Develop an IoT App
Develop personalized iOS or Android IoT app based on SDK.
App UI BizBundle
App UI BizBundle packed with modularized features offers easy integration.
Develop App Interface
App's user interface can be developed through Native and Panel SDK. Tuya Panel SDK is compatible with iOS and Android platform.
IoT apps are powered by Tuya worldwide.
Build Industry SaaS Applications and Create a Smart Life
Leverage OpenAPI and capability components of Cloud Development Platform, plus "Powered by Tuya" smart devices to quickly build industry SaaS applications and enjoy a smart life everywhere.
Develop a SaaS Application
Develop a SaaS Application
Create a SaaS Application.
Use Developer Tools
API debug assistant, device data review, and other tools to aid development.
Get Hardware Products
Tuya hardware products adapt to a wider range of scenarios.
Tuya helps 230,000+ developers worldwide to implement IoT solutions.
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