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What is IPC?

IPC is the abbreviation of IP camera, also known as network camera. Currently, the IPC provided by Tuya Smart only supports Wi-Fi modules.

What kinds of IPC related services does Tuya Smart provide?

Tuya Smart provides development services of the customized panels for IPC categories. Currently, IPC modules support packet cameras, PT cameras, pet feeders, doorbells, low power products, smart cameras, and lighting products.

How to obtain video streams and how to use the video player?

Video functions are encapsulated within the native app. You can call relevant native app APIs to achieve basic camera functions, such as video playing, screen capture, recording, intercom, rotation, local playback, and cloud playback.


  • **All-in-One Apps **You can directly adopt Tuya Smart app to meet user’s expectations for smart functions, and the app iteration is pretty short.

  • OEM App The OEM app is based on all-in-one apps, so they have the same functions. Themes and icon images can be configured in the IoT Console, such as for the Smart Life app.

  • **Customized App **Create customized functions based on one of the all-in-one apps, and development work is required, such as Genni app.