Location-Based Service

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Based on the Geographic Information System (GIS), deliver comprehensive location capabilities, including real-time device location, route tracking, and geofencing. This way, leverage Tuya’s device-to-cloud connectivity and cloud algorithms to build IoT-driven capabilities for outdoor applications.

Alert management

API name API endpoint
Query Geofence Alert GET:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/warn/list

Route tracking

API name API endpoint
Get Device Track Point GET:/v2.0/iot-01/tracks/detail
Get Device Track Segment GET:/v2.0/iot-01/tracks/segments


API name API endpoint
Add Devices in Geofence POST:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/{fence_id}/entity
Create Polygonal Geofence POST:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/polygon
Modify Polygonal Geofence PUT:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/polygon/{fence_id}
Query Objects in Geofence GET:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/{fence_id}/entity
Query All Geofences GET:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/list
Create Circular Geofence POST:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/circle
Enable or Disable Geofence PUT:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/{fence_id}/open
Query Multiple Private Geofences GET:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/private/batch
Save Circular Private Geofences POST:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/circle/private/batch
Modify Circular Geofence PUT:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/circle/{fence_id}
Query Geofence by Geofence ID GET:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/batch
Save Polygonal Private Geofences POST:/v2.0/iot-01/fences/polygon/private/batch

Real-time location

API name API endpoint
Query Real-time Location of Multiple Devices GET:/v2.0/iot-01/tracks/location