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Overview of Cloud Service APIs

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Welcome to Tuya’s cloud development. As an open hub of Tuya’s IoT capabilities on the cloud, cloud development has brought together more than 1,000 open APIs. This way, a full set of open capabilities can be implemented for IoT application development, covering device lifecycle management, data analytics, and vertical industry scenarios.


Tuya has established secure two-way communications between common cloud services and smart devices, and thus opened up end-to-end cloud service APIs and message topics. Smart devices can be easily integrated into specific business applications on your terms.

Overview of Cloud Service APIs

As shown in the figure above, Tuya’s cloud-based open capabilities consist of the following parts:

  • IoT Core: Includes essential functionalities of the IoT industry, and provides Tuya’s most fundamental device lifecycle management capabilities. It applies to scenarios where any industry is integrated with IoT. Based on IoT Core, you can manage any devices and data in the Tuya ecosystem.
  • Premium Device Services: Provides advanced capabilities for smart devices, such as scheduled tasks, device positioning, and video cloud storage. Advanced capabilities are available for devices in the specified categories.
  • Smart Home Scenarios: Offers open capabilities based on Tuya’s consumer apps (mainly OEM apps). You can effortlessly manage the data of users and devices. Moreover, a wide array of services unique to smart home scenarios are delivered, such as data analytics and user feedback management. Thus, you can quickly implement custom development to improve user experience and operational efficiency.
  • Industry Scenarios: Boosts your PaaS capabilities for selected industry scenarios on asset systems. If you are interested in these scenarios, you can find out whether these proven capabilities are what you need.

    Tuya has rolled out a more universal space model that can replace the asset model. The space model is recommended for you to develop IoT SaaS applications.

  • General Services: Tuya provides common general basic services for IoT SaaS scenarios. For example, SMS, email, weather forecast, and many other services allow you to get the desired capabilities with ease.

Making request

For more information, see API Request.

Version history

Starting from June 2023, cloud service APIs have been upgraded and integrated, helping deliver an optimized experience. The grouping and documentation catalogs of some APIs have been adjusted. However, the permissions on API calls are unchanged for existing customers.

If you want to view the legacy API documentation, go to Legacy Cloud Service APIs (Archived).

Historical documentation will always be archived, but might not be updated in time. You can explore the latest API documentation.