API Adjustment Announcement

Last Updated on : 2024-06-13 10:24:22download

On June 20, 2023, the directory structure of cloud service APIs was adjusted. This topic gives you more details. For more information, go to the Tuya Developer Platform.

Tuya will synchronize the subscription relationship of existing customers before and after API adjustment. Existing customers’ permission to call APIs remains unaffected.

Adjustment of IoT Core

  • IoT Core only retains APIs related to devices and spaces. These APIs are common, open capabilities in Tuya’s system.
  • Added six API groups.
  • Moved previous Industrial General Device System to Industry Basic Service.
  • Moved previous Smart Home Device System to Smart Home Basic Service.
Legacy APIs Adjustment Latest URL
N/A Added the Device Control group IoT Core Service
N/A Added the Device Management group
N/A Added the Space Management group
N/A Added the Scene Linkage Rules group
N/A Added the Device Group group
N/A Added the Scheduled Task group
General device control Moved to the Device Control group Device Control (Standard Instruction Set)
General device status query
General device management Moved to Industry Basic Service Industry Basic Service
Industrial asset management
Industrial user management
Industrial device registration
Smart home management Moved to Smart Home Basic Service Smart Home Basic Service
User management
Application management
Pairing management
Device management
Device control

Certain deprecated API services

After adjustment, IoT Core can meet most business requirements. Some APIs become deprecated to simplify API calls and reduce duplicate APIs. The following table lists the deprecated APIs. You can still use the deprecated API without affecting the connected applications. Tuya will still monitor and fix major defects, but no longer provide functional iterations. You can use or migrate to the recommended alternative API.

Legacy APIs Recommended alternative APIs
Smart Home Scene Linkage IoT Core Service > Scene Linkage Rules
Device OTA Update IoT Core Service > Device Management
Device Log Query IoT Core Service > Device Management
General Permissions Management Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Industrial General Organization Management
Industrial General Device Group Management IoT Core Service > Device Group
Industrial General Scene Linkage IoT Core Service > Scene Linkage Rules