Device Control(Standard Instruction Set)

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These APIs enable you to control general-purpose devices using Tuya’s standard instruction sets.

How it works

Each standard instruction set is a set of standard functional instructions suitable for the specified device category. Tuya summarizes and sorts out the standard instruction sets based on the functional characteristics of the same category of smart products across brand manufacturers.

Leveraging Tuya’s standard instruction set, you can easily connect to devices from multiple manufacturers. In a SaaS project, you can conveniently replace compatible devices even after the project goes live.

Device Control(Standard Instruction Set)

For example, in the Standard Instruction Set of Lights, the standard instruction defined by Tuya for the switch of lights is switch_led. You can use this instruction to uniformly control all smart lighting devices in the Tuya ecosystem.


  • Standard instruction sets might have problems of incomplete coverage and untimely adaptation.

    • Not all smart products support the standard instruction sets. Each device shall complete the corresponding instruction mapping and adaptation in the cloud first.

    • In the instruction mapping, only the features that are truly common to the specified category might be used as the standard instruction set. If your product does not adapt to the standard instruction set, you can submit a service ticket to contact Tuya.

      If you cannot control a product with the standard instruction set, you can also use data points (DPs) for device control.

  • Standard instruction sets do not apply to scenes and device groups.

    Currently, standard instruction sets are used to control and monitor a single device, but cannot be applied to send instructions on scene linkage rules and control device groups. Please note that standard command sets are unavailable when you implement scene linkage or control a device group.