Industry Service APIs

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Focusing on the concept of assets in cloud projects, Tuya opens industry service APIs for diverse application scenarios where some industries are integrated with the IoT, and builds an open capability system at the Platform as a Service (PaaS) level.

Scope of application

Industry service APIs can help you integrate IoT projects more quickly in many scenarios, such as smart campus, smart industry, smart retail, and commercial lighting. Industry service APIs are ideal for you to implement a similar application scenario.

Due to policy optimization, iterations will be slowed down for Tuya’s industry service APIs, and planned to be stopped for some other APIs.

If you start to develop a new cloud project, Tuya suggests that you first evaluate whether industry service APIs can fully meet your business requirements. If not, the IoT Core cloud service is recommended. You can implement your project by requesting the basic capability APIs provided by IoT Core.

Smart campus

You can harness IoT innovations and Tuya’s ecosystem to build smart and secure educational environments, such as school buildings, classrooms, and dormitories. Thus, you can turn your visions of the digital campus, safe campus, and smart campus into concrete reality.

Smart industry

As large and medium-sized developers or partners, you can benefit from the generic technical capabilities required for industrial application development respecting industrial IoT platforms, big data, and cloud development. You can also take advantage of the capabilities that are centered on industrial microapps applicable to industrial scenarios. This use case helps you streamline integrated application development and facilitates digital transformation for your business.

Smart retail

Help retailers work smarter by offering holistic management systems to enable efficient services and higher revenue.