What is Tuya Cube?

Last Updated on : 2023-05-22 06:37:53

Tuya Cube, a private deployment solution for IoT services, is designed to help you build your own IoT cloud platform.

What’s inside

Tuya Cube helps to address all your needs in one place with a comprehensive offering: IoT Core Foundation for device connectivity as well as services backed by IoT Development Platform, including application and product development, big data development platform, and app marketing solutions.


A key factor that differentiates Tuya Cube from other private clouds or IoT platforms is its comprehensive IoT strategy.

Tuya Cube Other Vendors or Proprietary Platforms
Cloud computing providers Cloud-agnostic enables you to choose the desired infrastructure from leading public cloud service providers, freeing you from vendor lock-in.
  • Vendor lock-in makes it difficult to switch to another vendor in the face of change.
  • Core technologies can be uncontrollable due to strong dependence on a vendor.
Development processes
  • A one-stop solution can address all your IoT needs in one place, from hardware connectivity to app development.
  • The off-the-shelf ecosystem can cost you less.
Rely on third-party hardware without off-the-shelf ecosystem and hardware solutions, requiring a long lead time.
Generic components A modular approach to industry applications enables a shorter time to build applications such as mobile apps and SaaS through low-code or no-code development. Resources are restricted to a single industry without generic components for quick reuse, so you need to create everything from scratch for every project.
Data security You are in full ownership of your data and control of your platform and benefit from the data compliance programs and security incident response plan. Since open source vulnerabilities are increasing, inadequate compliance programs and security incident response can expose your business to security risks.
Technical support Listed on the NYSE and HKEX, Tuya can offer stable and reliable technical support. If businesses are vulnerable to adverse market conditions, long-term technical support might not be guaranteed.

Tuya Cube features

What is Tuya Cube?

Tuya Cube architecture

What is Tuya Cube?

Cloud services

The choice of IaaS deployment is up to your preference, whether using public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, or your on-premises data center.

What is Tuya Cube?

Cloud-native PaaS

DevOps-oriented operations platform is built on a modular and low-coupling architecture. Reliable services and efficient operations let you focus on business growth and creativity.

What is Tuya Cube?

IoT Core Foundation

IoT Core Foundation enables essential capabilities of an IoT platform, including device connectivity, device management, and device linkage.

  • Device Connectivity: Connect to Tuya Cube in a way that suits your needs. For example, make existing products smart using network modules or SDKs, choose ready-made Powered by Tuya products, adapt IoT devices already connected to an IoT cloud platform to work with Tuya Cube, or connect third-party devices to Tuya Cube.
  • Device Management: Manage connected devices in one place.
  • Scene Linkage: Manage scene linkage for smart devices.

Capability extension

Extended capabilities span a variety of verticals and use cases.

  • Vertical Capabilities: Field-proven solutions across 2,200+ product categories, such as home appliances, control hubs, IP cameras, and many more.

    What is Tuya Cube?
  • Voice Integration: Integrate with voice platforms to enable voice-based interaction.

    What is Tuya Cube?
  • Other Extensions: Video cloud storage.

Standard applications

  • Operations Platform: Makes it efficient to onboard, monitor, analyze, and update IoT devices at scale.
  • O&M Platform: Helps IT operations remotely manage, monitor, and maintain servers.
  • Big Data Platform: Provides data definition, governance, and application capabilities as well as multi-metric data models.
  • Cube App: A mobile app for IoT, comes with features such as device control and scene linkage.
  • User Operations: Provides consumer-oriented precision marketing with user profiles, data analytics, and digital marketing campaign.
  • Product Development: A dedicated platform built on top of Tuya IoT PaaS to define and manage things data model for physical IoT devices.

Open capabilities

  • API Gateway: Provide an entry for devices to request the cloud APIs. The entry supports flow control, high availability, and auto scaling.
  • Message Gateway: Subscribe to and forward various instant messages. For example, subscribe to real-time device logs for local storage, or link with other systems.
  • App Development: Build a mobile app with development resources like App SDK, Extension SDK, and UI BizBundles.

Industry applications

Build industry applications on top of Tuya Cube for use cases such as smart home, smart community, data visualization, and more.