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Application Development Services

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Application development services provide the API gateway, message gateway, and other capabilities for upper-layer applications.

API gateway

API gateway provides a complete range of API hosting services. The API gateway makes your IoT platform open, enables you to request an application through unified APIs, and thus meets the requirements of varied business modules.

The API gateway boasts the following features:

  • Provide full lifecycle management of API definition, testing, release, inactivation, and grouping to improve the efficiency of API management and iteration.
  • Provide API monitoring and O&M mechanisms such as logging, load balancing, heartbeat detection, timeout control, dynamic configuration, and canary release. Therefore, the proper and efficient use of APIs can be ensured.

In addition, ports for other services are reserved to facilitate the later integration with different service lines. The application gateway guarantees API security and reduces the risk of open APIs by providing anti-attack, anti-replay, request encryption, identity authentication, permission management, and flow control.

Message gateway

Message gateway allows you to subscribe to and forward various instant messages. For example, subscribe to real-time device logs for local storage, or link with other systems.

The message gateway is used to proactively push the event data to external partners through a broker, which meets their demands for real-time and persistent messages. The message gateway is built on the Pub/Sub pattern. In this design mode:

  • Publish: Producers publish messages to topics. Consumers subscribe to those topics, process incoming messages, and send an acknowledgment when processing is completed. The message gateway allocates multiple partitions for each topic and sends messages to consumers according to partitions.

  • Subscribe: When a subscription is created, the message gateway retains all the messages, even if the consumer is disconnected. Retained messages are discarded only when a consumer acknowledges that those messages are processed successfully. Moreover, multiple consumers can subscribe to one topic. At the end of message consumption, consumers need to send acknowledgments to the message gateway, so the message gateway can discard these messages.