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Smart PMS

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Smart Production Management System (Smart PMS) is designed for electronic manufacturers, developed based on Tuya’s years of engagement with elctronics manufacturing management, and integrated with core technologies such as IoT, cloud development, and big data. As a lightweight production management system, Smart PMS helps electronic manufacturers achieve all-around digital management. It applies to core scenarios such as materials, bills of materials (BOM), work orders, scheduling, surface-mount technology (SMT), testing, label printing, warehousing, and traceability. In this way, small, medium, and micro-production enterprises complete the transformation of smart manufacturing at reduced costs and inventory, guaranteed improved quality and efficiency.



Accelerate IoT-enabled digital transformation with quick and lightweight deployment without server rooms and dedicated IT maintenance.

Modular architecture

Our services are offered in modules, allowing you to purchase as needed and build a cost-efficient portfolio.

Security and compliance

Data security and users’ privacy are guaranteed by a comprehensive security mechanism and global data compliance.



The cloud-based control system enables mistake-proofing to run through the process to prevent defects at the source.

Label printing

Customization of label templates reduces duplicate work on configuration. Cloud-based control helps avoid printing mistakes.

Production tracking

A range of logs of resources, tests, and packages gives you full visibility and insights into the production data and status.


Closed-loop system

End-to-end production management ensures quality monitoring and controls all the way from production to delivery.

Location tracking

The association of materials with warehouses allows the staff to quickly find required items and have preparation work done efficiently.

Smart checking

Work orders, project files, and mobile QR code scanners together enable the automatic checking of SMT feeder operation results.

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