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IoT App SDKIndustry App SDK

Industry App SDK

Last Updated on : 2022-11-28 02:34:57download

Industry App SDK provides basic features such as device pairing, login and registration, and asset management. It is an important part of the Tuya SaaS Development Framework product series. Developers can easily implement IoT app functionality based on the SDK to provide a variety of smart device operations. For example, pair and control devices.


Industry App SDK supports the following features:

Modules Features
User account Account login and logout
Asset of Cloud Development project Query project assets and select specific assets
Device pairing Access point (AP) mode, Wi-Fi easy connect mode, wired device pairing, Zigbee sub-device pairing, QR code scanning mode, NB-IoT scanning mode
Device management Query equipment in assets, delete equipment in assets


Tuya provides the open source Sample for iOS and Sample for Android. You can build IoT apps with a few simple steps based on the samples. If problems arise during the development, you can set breakpoints in the sample code to fix the problems.