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Smart Industry App SDK

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This topic describes the Smart Industry App SDK used to build mobile apps for smart industry scenarios.

What is Smart Industry App SDK?

The Smart Industry App SDK opens up the core features of the Smart Industry app, enabling you to create a lightweight mobile app for a specific industry. With this SDK, you can implement device activation and control, user and space management, and many more, allowing users to easily manage the layout and linkage of smart devices across various spaces.

The comprehensive developer documentation and API reference make integrating with the Smart Industry App SDK easy, helping you efficiently build a smart app with a great user experience.


  • Quickly find and pair a myriad of devices, with support for a range of connectivity protocols.
  • Compatible with all Tuya-enabled smart devices, including custom ones.
  • Easily accessible even in areas with limited communication infrastructure, like installation sites or remote farms.
  • The concepts of space (or asset) and user inherited from cloud development help manage smart device clusters for various industries.


Term Description
Space Space, the main unit of a space model, is a concept to unify the home, SaaS application, and industry application. It acts as a container to include all Tuya-enabled devices under a user account. Space is recommended.
Asset Asset, the main unit of an asset model, is a concept to unify the SaaS application and industry application before the space concept is introduced.