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Smart Community App SDK

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Tuya Smart Community App SDK is used to develop mobile apps for Smart Community PaaS. Based on the SDK, you can quickly implement app functionality during app development.

What is Tuya Smart Community?

Tuya Smart Community PaaS enables a variety of features based on community services. For example, update basic information of a community in real time, and build unified community management databases with households (people) as the core. Houses, addresses, vehicles, relationships, and other details are linked by household in the databases. These features apply to newly-built communities and renovation projects of old communities. Integral services are provided for purposes ranging from benefiting owners to facilitating software control.

Tuya’s smart community solutions support digital and visualized platform-based operations and maintenance (O&M) for your smart products. This accelerates the development of smart community projects and minimizes your management costs.


Tuya’s smart community solutions combine the following advantages:

  • Out-of-the-box solutions with best price performance
  • Manage the basic data of communities.
  • Manage the data of projects, spaces, and assets.
  • Manage multi-dimensional data of residents.
  • Build comprehensive models of organizations, households, and spaces, and grant permissions to different service roles to achieve precision community management.
  • A robust and fast-growing ecosystem
  • Sustainable value-added services

Terms and definitions

Term Description
User A user can register an account of Tuya’s smart community system with a mobile phone number and log in to the account.
Community Community is the largest spatial concept in Tuya’s smart community system. Users can own multiple houses in the same community.
  • A house is an independent unit that is managed by a user. Rooms and devices must be assigned to a user before they can be managed.
  • Each user can manage one or more houses. By default, new users do not have houses after registration and login as guests. They must have their houses verified before they can manage houses.
  • A room is an independent unit that is managed in a specific house.
  • In each room, one or more devices and groups can be created.
  • A member is a user’s identity that is mapped to a certain house. Members are granted different permissions to manage houses and devices depending on their identities.
  • To add a house for the first time, a user must be the owner of the house.