Developer Guide for iOS

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Tuya Smart Community App SDK is used to develop mobile apps for Smart Community PaaS. Based on the SDK, you can quickly implement app functionality when you develop apps for iOS and allow users to manage communities, houses, rooms, and members.

SDK features

The SDK supports the following features:

  • User management
    • Log in and register users
    • Register users with mobile phone numbers
    • Change passwords and sign out of accounts
    • Update user information, such as nicknames
  • House management
    • Create, update, and modify houses
    • Get house details
    • Create, update, and modify rooms
    • Create, update, and modify members
  • Identity recognition
    • Add and disable biometric identifiers of users
    • Add and disable biometric identifiers of house members
  • Smart access control
    • Remote unlocking
    • QR code scanning and other access control methods
  • Guest access control
    • Create guest passes and get pass information
    • Get visit reasons and guest records, and delete invitations
  • Cloud-based video talk
    • Get monitoring data of public areas
    • Conduct video talk, unlock doors, answer doorbells, and hang up
    • Get a list of access control data