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Smart Life App SDK

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Tuya Smart Life App SDK empowers mobile apps based on sufficient components and samples to simplify home automation. Smart Life App SDK customizes IoT mobile apps with comprehensive components and sample code. These mobile apps simplify the connections to and control of smart devices and trigger smart scenes.


In specific IoT scenarios, you might need to customize apps rather than use OEM apps. You might also need to connect existing apps to smart devices. Tuya provides the Smart Life App SDK service to meet your business requirements.

This service is dedicated to the development of mobile apps for smart life. For more information, see the SDK documentation and tutorials.

Tuya’s Smart Life App SDK is not suitable for the development of applications that run on always-on screen devices. This type of device includes but not limited to touchscreen panels, smart TV, screen robots, screen speakers, and touchscreen smart albums. If you have special requirements, submit a ticket to request support.

Smart Life App SDK

BizBundles SDK

BizBundle SDK, built on top of the Smart Life App SDK, abstracts away the complexity of smart home services into independent modules. It lowers the learning curve to integrate with the Tuya ecosystem. There are currently five core capabilities available: device pairing, home management, group management, device management, and scene automation. BizBundle SDK is constantly evolving and growing to meet the ever-changing market needs of your business. For more information, see BizBundle SDK for iOS and BizBundle SDK for Android.

Extension SDKs

Extension SDKs include the Smart Camera SDK, Smart Lock SDK, Sweeper SDK, and Smart Travel SDK. Based on the Smart Life App SDK service, these SDKs encapsulate specified functions for the vertical resources and facilitate the development of products in vertical fields.

UI BizBundles

Each UI BizBundle is a no-code UI development kit based on the Smart Life App SDK service. It provides the control service logic and UI encapsulation for complex modules, such as device pairing, device control, and home management. A simple call to the SDK enables comprehensive functions. For more information, see BizBundle SDK for iOS and BizBundle SDK for Android.

Support and help

The Tuya IoT Development Platform provides end-to-end customer services to help you out in communications with smart devices.

Sample apps

The Tuya IoT Development Platform provides plenty of sample programs. If problems arise during the development, you can download and run a sample for troubleshooting. For example, you can set breakpoints in the sample code to fix the problems. For more information, see Sample app in Objective-C for iOS or Sample app in Swift for iOS and Sample app in Java for Android or Sample app in Kotlin for Android in GitHub.

Technical support

If the problems persist or for other purposes, you can submit a ticket to request technical support.