Developer Guide for iOS

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Functional description

The SDK supports the following features:

  • User accounts: enables end-to-end user account management features. For example, register and log in with mobile phone numbers or email addresses, reset account passwords, and process session expiration. For more information, see User Account Management (iOS).
  • Homes: allows users to manage homes and rooms, share homes, and implement other home features. For more information, see Home Management.
  • Devices: allows users to pair devices, control devices, report device status, manage groups, manage scheduled tasks, update firmware, and implement other device management and control features.

Tuya Smart App SDK for iOS depends on iOS 9.0 and later.

Get AppKey and AppSecret Go to GitHub Repository

Extension SDKs

Extension SDKs include the Smart Camera SDK, Smart Lock SDK, Sweeper SDK, and Smart Travel SDK. Based on the Smart Life App SDK service, these SDKs encapsulate specified functions for the vertical resources and facilitate the development of products in vertical fields.

UI BizBundle SDK

Tuya UI BizBundle for iOS is a vertical service bundle that encompasses logic modules and UI pages. It enables efficient access to comprehensive service modules provided by Tuya and accelerates your development based on Tuya Smart App SDK. For more information, see What is UI BizBundle SDK for iOS?

Sample SDK

Tuya provides open source iOS samples for Objective-C and Swift. You can build smart apps with a few simple steps based on the samples. If problems arise during the development, you can set breakpoints in the sample code to fix the problems.