MiniApp SDK

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MiniApp SDK serves you with a full lifecycle solution that encompasses development, deployment, product experience and analytics, and launching. By integrating with the SDK, you can focus on developing your application while the SDK and its dependencies handle everything else. The SDK lowers the bar for multi-platform development with the minimum R&D cost and enhances the development efficiency and experience.

Key features

  • Iterative development, one-click deployment, and continuous deployment and delivery.
  • Native-like user experiences and performance for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • A dual-thread architecture consists of the logic layer and view layer.
    • The logic layer uses QuickJS, JavaScriptCore, and V8 JavaScript engine to run JavaScript scripts for processing business logic.
    • The view layer uses WebView to render the HTML for displaying pages. The two separate threads provide a stable and safe environment.


MiniApp SDK