What is UI BizBundle SDK for Android?

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Tuya UI BizBundle for Android is a vertical service bundle that encompasses logic modules and UI pages. It enables efficient access to comprehensive service modules provided by Tuya and accelerates your development based on Tuya Smart Life App SDK.


A bunch of BizBundles are supported, including:

  • Mall UI BizBundle
  • Device Pairing UI BizBundle
  • Device Control UI BizBundle
  • IPC UI BizBundle
  • Scene UI BizBundle
  • FAQ UI BizBundle
  • Message Center UI BizBundle
  • Home Management UI BizBundle
  • OTA UI BizBundle
  • Device Details UI BizBundle
  • Maps Service UI BizBundle
  • Voice Skills Account Linking UI BizBundle
  • Group Management UI BizBundle
  • Theme Color Configuration BizBundle


For more information about the example of the UI BizBundle for Android, visit tuya-ui-bizbundle-android-demo on GitHub.


Tuya UI BizBundles for Android can be integrated as services. All features are provided based on services.

What is UI BizBundle SDK for Android?

Get services

A BizBundle provides BizCore with a service protocol. Thus, you can call a specific service method to implement the service.

The BizBundle implements the service protocol.
Get the instance to implement the service protocol.
+findServiceByInterface() : id<Service>
+id<Service> serviceImpl

Implement services

Certain service protocols of BizBundles are not implemented by default. For example, the Panel Multilingual BizBundle depends on the device pairing service in specific conditions. If the Device Pairing UI BizBundle is not integrated, this service protocol is not implemented. In this case, you can create a class to implement the required service protocol and register it to BizCore to improve the features of the BizBundle.

Implement the service protocol.
Register your service implementation class or instance.
+registerService(Protocol, Class)