FAQ UI BizBundle

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FAQ UI BizBundle provides the Android container that hosts the FAQ and feedback service to implement troubleshooting and feedback for your apps.

Integrate with the UI BizBundle

Create a project

Integrate Smart Life App SDK for Android into your project with Android Studio and add the framework of the UI BizBundle to your project.

Configure build.gradle of module

dependencies {
	api 'com.thingclips.smart:thingsmart-bizbundle-feedback:5.2.0-11'

Navigate to an unresponsive URL

Follow the instructions in Integrate with Framework to get the unimplemented route and navigate to the target page.

Access the FAQ and feedback page

  • Before the call of any API method, make sure that the user has logged in to the app.
  • If the user status is changed, you must check the availability of the FAQ UI BizBundle to reload the FAQ and feedback page.
ThingHomeSdk.getUserInstance().queryAllBizDomains(object : IQurryDomainCallback {
	override fun onSuccess(domain: String) {
		UrlRouter.execute(UrlRouter.makeBuilder(this@MainActivity, "helpCenter"))

	override fun onError(code: String, error: String) {