Error Codes

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Common error codes

Error code Description
101 A networking error has occurred while processing your request.
102 Failed to escape JSON data.
103 Failed to access the network due to a networking error.
104 The mobile phone clock is incorrect and causes the SSL certificate to expire.
105 Session information is required for login.
106 An error has occurred while synchronizing input/output data.
1001 A pairing network error has occurred while processing your request.
1002 Failed to pair and bind the gateway.
1004 Failed to get the pairing token.
1005 Failed to detect the online status of the device to be paired.
1006 The pairing task timed out.
1007 The list of devices that have pairing errors is returned.
1100 The mobile phone number is incorrect.
1101 The verification code is incorrect.
1102 An update error has occurred while processing your request.
10201 The device is disconnected from the local area network (LAN).
10202 The device server is offline.
10203 The device is offline.
11001 The format of the sent command is incorrect.
11002 The device has been removed.
11004 The signature is incorrect.
11005 Failed to send data.
11009 The sent data is empty.
12001 Failed to parse the data.
12002 The signature does not match.
12003 The data has expired.
12004 The protocol version number does not exist.

Network error codes

Error code Error message Cause analysis
50500 Other errors An unknown error has occurred.
  1. The user’s mobile phone time is inaccurate and goes beyond the validity period of the SSL certificate.
  2. Certificate verification is enabled for the network of the user’s mobile phone. In this case, all applications on the mobile phone cannot access the internet.
  3. The SSL load balancer has faults, so certain mobile phones cannot be used as expected.
  4. The server certificate expires, so the error code 50502 will occur on a large number of mobile phones.
  5. The user’s mobile phone does not have Tuya’s root certificate that is issued by the certificate authority (CA) installed on the user’s mobile phone.
  6. The intermediate certificate configured on the server certificate chain has problems.
50501 Unavailable network The system recognizes that the mobile phone is disconnected from the network because the Wi-Fi network or mobile phone network is not enabled.
50408 timeout The network request timed out.
50504 unable to resolve host The current network is disconnected from the internet.
50503 read timed out The read request timed out.
50505 failed to connect to… No network is accessed.
50506 no route to host Packet cannot reach the destination host.
50507 connect timed out The connection request failed to receive a response within the scheduled time.
50508 ssl handshake timed out SSL handshake timed out.
50509 connection closed by peer The request is rejected by the server.
50510 stream was reset: protocol_error One or more HTTP streams were unexpectedly closed or reset.
50511 canceled The network request has been canceled. It is canceled locally on the app in most cases.
50512 502 The gateway is invalid due to server problems.
50513 503 An HTTP status code to indicate that the server is not ready to accept requests.
50514 json error An error has occurred while parsing JSON data.
50515 Hostname …not verified The hostname in the SSL/TLS certificate does not match the hostname expected by the client.
50516 certificate pinning failure The client detected that the certificate presented by the server did not match the pre-pinned certificate.