Bluetooth Devices

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Tuya supports the following three Bluetooth connectivity topology options:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)
  • Tuya’s proprietary Bluetooth mesh connections (Tuya mesh)
  • Bluetooth mesh networking (Bluetooth mesh) provided by Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

Smart Life App SDK for Android supports these options to help you implement device control over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth type Description Example of smart devices
Bluetooth LE A peer-to-peer connection is created between a Bluetooth or Bluetooth LE device and a mobile phone. Body fat scales, wrist-worn trackers, thermostats, electric toothbrushes, and smart locks
Bluetooth mesh Enable many-to-many (m:m) device communications over a mesh network released by Bluetooth SIG. Cool white lights (C), cool and warm white lights (CW), white and colored lights (RGBCW), sockets, sensors, and other sub-devices
Tuya mesh Tuya’s proprietary technology that enables Bluetooth devices to communicate over a mesh network. Similar to the products that use Bluetooth mesh, but with Tuya mesh
Combo devices The devices that support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi combo can be paired over either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Bluetooth mesh gateways, IP cameras (IPCs), and devices that support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi combo

The following Bluetooth features are supported:

  • Bluetooth device pairing
    • Scan and discover devices
    • Device Pairing UI BizBundle
  • Device management
    • Check current device networking status
    • Connect to devices
    • Operate devices
    • Unbind devices
  • Firmware update
    • Check firmware version
    • Update firmware over the air