BizBundle SDK

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BizBundle SDK, built on top of the Home SDK, abstracts away the complexity of smart home services into independent modules. It lowers the learning curve to integrate with the Tuya ecosystem. There are currently five core capabilities available: device pairing, home management, group management, device management, and scene automation.

BizBundle SDK is constantly evolving and growing to meet the ever-changing market needs of your business.


A developer account must be registered on the Tuya Developer Platform before your development with the BizBundle SDK.

Before you get started with a specific development solution, on the Tuya Developer Platform, you must register a developer account, create a product, define data points (DPs), and get the key used to integrate the SDK. For more information, see Preparation.

Step 1: Integrate Smart Life App SDK

The Smart Life App SDK must be integrated before the BizBundle SDK can be used. For more information, see Fast Integration with Smart Life App SDK.

Step 2: Integrate BizBundle SDK

Be sure you have integrated the Smart Life App SDK before integration with the BizBundle SDK.

Add the following dependencies to the file build.gradle of the app module:

ext.version = "5.14.0"
dependencies {
    implementation "$version"


For more information about the complete sample code, visit the GitHub repository for BizsdkSample.