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Last Updated on : 2022-02-17 12:17:13download

This topic describes how to configure a cloud project and authorize an application based on Industry App SDK.


  1. A developer account is registered on the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

  2. Your account identity is verified.


Before you start

This section describes the steps to configure an industry project on top of Cloud Development. For more information, see Quick Start.

  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

  2. In the left-side navigation bar, choose Cloud > Development.

  3. On the page that appears, click Create Cloud Project.

  4. In the Create Project dialog box:

    • Set Project Name, Description, Industry, and Data Center.

      Tuya deploys six data centers globally and provides reliable IoT cloud services for customers worldwide. You can select one or more data centers where your services are deployed. This setting can be changed later.

    • From the Development Method drop-down list, select Custom.

  5. Click Create to continue with project configuration.

  6. On the Authorize API Services page, besides the default selections, you need to subscribe to the API products such as Device Status Notification and Industry Project Client Service, and click Authorize.


    By default, the API services IoT Core and Authorization are selected.

  7. Enter the asset and account information. Then, the asset will be automatically created and the account will be granted access to the asset. For more information, see Asset Management.

    Tuya provides IoT Core that drives your success with industry-specific device connection and management capabilities. This service can quickly integrate with existing systems and boost your development of IoT core applications targeted to different industry scenarios.

Add app authorization

This section describes how to add app authorization in the cloud project.

  1. Open your cloud project.

  2. Choose Authorization > App Authorization and click Add Authorization.


  3. In the Add Authorization dialog box, complete the required information. Select an application type for Android or iOS.

  4. Enter the information in the fields for the specified application type. If you select the application for Android, you must get the value of SHA1. For more information, see How to Get SHA1 and SHA256 Keys.

    The generated keystore file and encryption information must be kept well. They will be used for subsequent Fast Integration.


If any problem arises in the use of the Industry App SDK, you can follow the instructions in Quick Start to troubleshoot the problem. For example, this applies if the list of assets becomes empty when you run the demo app.