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Device Pairing (Android)

Last Updated on : 2022-01-07 07:03:31download

Tuya Industry App SDK provides several pairing modes for different conditions, such as the Wi-Fi Easy Connect (EZ) mode, Access Point (AP) mode, wired devices mode, sub-device mode, and QR code mode.

  • Wi-Fi Easy Connect mode: also known as the EZ mode. This mode relies on the communication between the devices. A device can match the network after an existing device is successfully matched.
  • AP mode: also known as the hotspot mode. A mobile phone connects to the hotspot of a smart device, and the two parties establish a socket connection to exchange data through the agreed port.
  • Wired devices mode: Devices are connected to the router over a wired network. For example, Zigbee wired gateways and wired cameras can be such devices.
  • Sub-device mode: Zigbee sub-devices and Bluetooth sub-devices can be such devices. These devices interact with the app and cloud through gateways.
  • QR code mode: A camera device gets the pairing information by scanning the QR code on the app.

This section contains the following topics to help you quickly understand related concepts and how-to guides: