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Device Pairing

Last Updated on : 2022-01-07 07:03:31

Tuya Industry App SDK provides the capabilities to implement multiple device pairing modes, such as the access point (AP) mode, wired mode, sub-device mode, and QR code mode.

  • AP mode: also known as the hotspot mode. A mobile phone connects to the hotspot of a smart device. Then, both devices are paired to establish a socket connection between them and exchange data through the specified ports.
  • Wired mode: A smart device connects to a router over an Ethernet cable. Zigbee wired gateways and wired IP cameras (IPCs) are paired in this mode.
  • Sub-device mode: Bluetooth sub-devices and Zigbee sub-devices are paired in this mode. They interact with the app and the Tuya IoT Development Platform through gateways.
  • QR code mode: A smart IPC scans the QR code on the app to get the pairing data.

Currently, the Industry App SDK does not support pairing with Bluetooth devices.

This section contains the following topics to help you quickly understand related concepts and how-to guides: