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Error Code

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Generic Error Code

Error code Error Information Description
500 system error,please contact the admin System error, please contact the administrator.
1000 data not exist Data not exist.
1001 secret invalid Secret invalid.
1002 access_token is null Access token is null
1003 grant type invalid Grant type invalid.
1004 sign invalid Sign invalid.
1005 Appkey invalid Appkey invalid.
1006 not support content type Not support content type.
1007 not support Appkey Not support Appkey,please use cloud key.
1010 token is expired Token is expired.
1011 token invalid Token invalid.
1012 token status is invalid Token status is invalid.
1013 request time is invalid Request time is invalid.
1100 params is empty Params is empty.
1101 params range invalid Params range invalid.
1102 params is null Params is null.
1103 commands issue error Commands issue error.
1104 type is incorrect Type is incorrect.
1105 missing the header Missing the header.
1106 permission deny Permission deny.
1107 code invalid Code invalid.
2001 device is offline Device is offline.
2002 this user dosen`t have any devices This user dosen’t have any devices.
2003 function not support Function Not support.
2004 not support the lock type Not support the lock type.
2005 product not exist Product not exist.
2006 user not exist User not exist.
2007 device token expired Device token expired.
2008 command or value not support Command or value not support.
2009 not support this device Not support this device.
2010 device not exist Device not exist.
2012 application not support Application not support.
2013 add timer failed Add timer failed.
2014 this device dosen`t have any timers This device dosen`t have any timers.
2015 this category is not supported This category is not supported.
99010101 network exception Network exception.
99010102 json parse error Json parse error.
99010103 read timeout Read timeout.
99010104 io exception IO exception.
99010105 page size out of bounds Page size out of bounds.

Network error codes

Error code Error Information Description
50500 other exception Unknow exception.
50502 javax.net.ssl.sslhandshakeexception (1)If the time of the customer’s mobile phone is not accurate and beyond the valid range of the certificate, this problem will occur.
(2)The network of the client’s mobile phone has turned on certificate verification, in this case, all applications are unable to access the Internet.
(3)There is a problem with the load balancing of cloud certificate, which will cause some users’ mobile phones can not be used normally.
(4)When the cloud certificate is expired, there will be 50502 problems in a large area.
(5)The client’s mobile phone does not have the CA root certificate of our certificate.
(6)There is a problem with the intermediate certificate configured on the server certificate chain.
50501 network unavailable The system recognizes that the WiFi or mobile network is not turned on due to the unavailability of the network.
50408 timeout Network request timeout.
50504 unable to resolve host There is no external network in the current network.
50503 read timed out Network request read timeout.
50505 failed to connect to… There is no network in the current network.
50506 no route to host
50507 connect timed out
50508 ssl handshake timed out
50509 connection closed by peer Request rejected by cloud.
50510 stream was reset: protocol_error
50511 canceled The network request has been cancelled (APP local cancellation).
50512 502 Invalid gateway, cloud problem.
50513 503 A server-side error status code of HTTP protocol, which indicates that the server is not in a state that can accept the request.
50514 json error Json parse error.
50515 Hostname …not verified
50516 certificate pinning failure