Member List

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Query the members on pages. You can filter the members by member status.

API address

GET: /v1.0/iot-02/community/members

Request parameter

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
block_idStringquerytrueThe ID of the community.
page_noIntegerquerytrueThe current page number.
page_sizeIntegerquerytrueThe number of items returned on each page.
mobile_or_nameStringqueryfalseThe member's mobile phone number or name. A mobile phone number must be four or more digits in length.
statusIntegerqueryfalseThe account status. Valid values:
  • 1: enabled.
  • 2: disabled.
  • 3: not activated.

Return parameter

Parameter nameTypeDescription

Description of result

Parameter nameTypeDescription
total_recordLongThe total number of results.
dataListMember List

Description of data

Parameter nameTypeDescription
member_idStringThe list of member IDs, separated with commas (,).
admin_nameStringThe name.
role_infosListThe list of roles.
mobileStringThe mobile phone number.
blocksListThe list of organizations.
account_statusIntegerThe account status. Valid values:
  • 1: enabled.
  • 2: disabled.
  • 3: not activated.
structure_idStringThe ID of a specified organization.
structure_nameStringThe name of a specified organization.
sexIntegerGender. Valid values:
  • 1: male.
  • 2: female.
myselfIntegerIndicates whether it is the current operator. Valid values:
  • 1: yes.
  • 2: no.
adminIntegerIndicates whether it is an administrator. Valid values:
  • 1: yes.
  • 2: no.

Description of role_infos

Parameter nameTypeDescription
role_idStringThe ID of a specified role.
role_nameStringThe name of a specified role.

Description of blocks

Parameter nameTypeDescription
block_idStringThe ID of a specified community.
block_nameStringThe name of a specified community.
related_structure_nameStringThe name of a specified management organization.

Request example

GET: /v1.0/iot-02/community/member?block_id=136767399153950xxxx&page_no=1&page_size=20

Return example

        "member_id": "136767399153950xxxx",
        "birthday": 0,
        "education": "Primary School",
        "blocks": "136767399153950xxxx",
        "sex": 1,
        "myself": 2,
        "mobile": "1300000****",
        "admin": 0,
        "structure_id": "136767399153950xxxx",
        "account_status": 1,
        "card_type": 1,
        "role_infos": [
        "country_code": "86",
        "structure_infos": [
        "card_no": "31162119920918xxxx",
        "structure_name": "test",
        "structure_path_name": "test",
        "admin_name": "Utilities Operation and Maintenance",
        "position": "Plumber"

Error code

For more information, see error code.