Search for Orders

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Filter a list of orders according to the specified criteria.

API address

GET: /v1.0/sellercenter/order/search

Request parameter

Parameter name Type IN Required Description
mall_code String query true The code of a specified mall.
site_code String query false The code of a specified site.
order_id String query false The order ID.
commodity_name String query false The name of a specified commodity.
order_status String query false The status of a specified order.
start_time Long query false The start time of placing an order.
end_time Long query false The end time of placing an order.
page Integer query false The page number.
page_size Integer query false The number of items to be returned per page.
lang String query false The language.

Return parameter

Parameter name Type Description
result PaginationModel The search results.

Description of result

Parameter name Type Description
total Integer The total number.
page Integer The number of pages.
data_list List The list of results.
page_size Integer The page width.

Description of data_list

Parameter name Type Description
order_id String The order ID.
order_type_code String The code of a specified order type.
order_status String The status of a specified order.
amount_origin String The original price of a specified order.
amount_trade String The transaction price of a specified order.
amount_paid String The paid amount of a specified order.
amount_rest String The remaining amount to be paid.
price_trade_list List The total price details of a specified order.
gmt_order_create Long The time when the order is created.
commodity_list List The list of commodities in the order.
currency String The currency.
payment_list List The list of payment for the order.
refund_status Integer The status of refund.

Description of commodity_list

Parameter name Type Description
commodity_code String The code of a specified commodity.
specification_code String The stock keeping unit (SKU) of a specified commodity.
commodity_name String The name of a specified commodity.
iconUrl String The icon URL of a specified commodity.
currency String The currency.
unit_price_origin String The original unit price.
unit_price_trade String The transaction unit price.
unit_name String The unit, such as pieces and times.
quantity Integer The quantity of a specified commodity.
attach_json Integer The additional information about a specified commodity.

Description of price_trade_list

Parameter name Type Description
key String The detailed code of a price.
price_detail_name String The detailed name of a price.
amount BigDecimal The transaction price.
amount_coupon BigDecimal The coupon amount.
amount_origin BigDecimal The original price of a specified order.

Description of payment_list

Parameter name Type Description
trade_amount String The amount of payment.
currency String The currency.
paid_provider String The method of payment.
paid_type String The payment type.
gmt_create Long The time when it is created.
trade_status String The status of payment.

Request example

GET: /v1.0/sellercenter/order/search?mall_code=MALL_CODE&site_code=SITE_CODE&order_id=ORDER_ID&commodity_name=COMMODITY_NAME&order_status=ORDER_STATUS&start_time=START_TIME&end_time=END_TIME&page=PAGE&page_size=PAGE_SIZE&lang=LANG

Return example

    "result": {
        "data_list": [
                "amount_paid": {
                    "Value": "0.00"
                "refund_status": -2,
                "amount_origin": {
                    "Value": "1.04"
                "amount_rest": {
                    "Value": "1.04"
                "amount_trade": {
                    "Value": "1.04"
                "payment_list": [
                "order_type_code": "INT_OEM_APP_MALL",
                "commodity_list": [
                        "icon_url": "ecommerce/1574312631184_1574312631_bo7di3rmtq.png",
                        "commodity_code": "CM93hvx7num2i3",
                        "quantity": 2,
                        "unit_price_origin": {
                            "Value": "0.02"
                        "attach_json": {
                            "amount_after_coupon": {
                                "Value": "0.00"
                            "commodity_amount_origin": {
                                "Value": "0.00"
                            "sku_value_list": [
                        "unit_price_trade": {
                            "Value": "0.02"
                        "specification_code": "SK93hvx7p8k1eg",
                        "currency": "CNY",
                        "commodity_name": "First Commodity"
                "order_status": "created",
                "currency": "CNY",
                "gmt_order_create": 1576848986974,
                "order_id": "SO20191220923442"
        "total": 1,
        "page": 1,
        "page_size": 10
    "t": 1635167502107,
    "success": true

Error code

For more information, see error code.