Revoke a User's Asset Permissions

Last Updated on : 2023-06-20 15:20:04download

Revoke permissions on multiple assets from a specified user. You can specify whether to revoke the permissions on sub-assets.

API address

POST: /v1.0/iot-03/users/{uid}/actions/assets-unauthorized

Request parameter

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
uidStringuritrueThe ID of the user whose asset permissions have been revoked.

Return parameter

Parameter nameTypeDescription

Request example

POST: /v1.0/iot-03/users/{uid}/actions/assets-unauthorized
  "assetId": "1400304033570291xxx",
  "authorizedChildren": true

Return example

    "result": true,
    "t": 1616501326790,
    "success": true

Error code

For more information, see error code.