Get Failover Status

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Get the current failover status based on the gateway ID.

API address

GET: /v1.0/alps/{gw_id}/transfer/status

Request parameter

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
gw_idStringuritrueThe gateway ID.

Return parameter

Parameter nameTypeDescription
resultMapThe failover status. Valid values:
  • NONE: no status.
  • DEVICE_CONFIG_INIT: initializing the device file.
  • OS_CONFIG_INIT: initializing the data in the cloud.
  • FINISH: finished.
  • FAILED: failed.

Request example

GET:  /v1.0/alps/fayl9sn0482hl****/transfer/status

Return example

    "transferStatus": "DEVICE_CONFIG_INIT",
    "targetGwId": "fayl9sn0482hl****",
    "sourceGwId": "a3gl532hl67jk****"

Error code

For more information, see error code.