Get Monitored Object List on Pages

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Get a list of monitored objects on pages based on the types and names of the monitored objects. The returned result includes the name of the monitored object and a list of linked devices.

API address

GET: /v1.0/iot-03/si/monitor-object/page

Request parameter

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
reqMonitorObjectQueryDTOquerytrueThe query criteria.

Description of req

Parameter nameTypeINRequiredDescription
monitor_object_typeString falseThe type of a specified monitored object.
monitor_object_nameString falseThe name of a specified monitored object.
page_noLong trueThe page number.
page_sizeLong trueThe number of items returned on each page.

Return parameter

Parameter nameTypeDescription
resultPageThe returned result.

Description of result

Parameter nameTypeDescription
totalLongThe total number of results.
listListThe list of results.
has_moreBooleanSpecifies whether to return the next page.

Description of list

Parameter nameTypeDescription
monitor_object_idStringThe ID of a specified monitored object.
monitor_object_nameStringThe name of a specified monitored object.
remarkStringThe remarks.
monitor_object_typeStringThe type of a specified monitored object.

Request example

GET: /v1.0/iot-03/si/monitor-object/page?monitor_object_type=environment&pageNo=1&pageSize=1

Return example

  "result": {
    "total": 22,
    "has_more": true,
    "list": [
        "monitor_object_id": "197***",
        "monitor_object_name": "Grand Center",
        "remark": "Remarks of Grand Center"
        "monitor_object_type": "environment"

Error code

For more information, see error code.